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from Brad’s Landscaping in St. Louis Park, MN can provide the finishing touch to your landscape project. Stone Walkway in Edina MN A walk way can provide that connection between

landscape features

and your home and can reduce traffic marks on your lawn.

Paver Stone Walkway Path St. Louis Park MNA paver walkway can be made with stone, bricks, cobble stone or any hardscape material that could be used for a driveway.  Just like a driveway, a

paver walk way

needs to be installed correctly with a solid foundation so that it remains true and maintenance free.  Brad’s Landscaping has installed many walkways and can include one in a landscape design and installation for you.

Brad’s Landscaping will design the walk way and help you choose your material.  The walkway area will then be excavated, a proper base will be put down along with landscape fabric to minimize weeds.  stone slabs used as walkway through garden minnetonka mnProper compaction of the base material by Brad’s Landscaping will ensure that the hardscape material chosen for the walkway remains true.  Once you have your new walk way installed, you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

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