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Paver Patios

The installation of a

paver patio

in your yard using formed pavers or natural stone is one of the best ways to add value to your yard.  Paver patios, when installed correctly, offer a softer option to poured concrete.  There are a variety of colors and styles that allow for an unlimited number of attractive patterns to compliment your home.Paver Patio in Minneapolis MN

Pavers can be water permeable and they are more durable than concrete because they are more flexible in Minnesota winters.  Pavers will not crack like concrete can and a paver patio can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your yard.  A paver patio or

paver walkway

can add value and curb appeal to your home.

Paver Patio Under Deck St. Louis Park, MN

Paver Patio Under Deck

Paver patios can be made with simple brick pavers, formed concrete pavers,

interlocking pavers

, permeable pavers, street pavers, natural stone pavers or traditional cobblestone pavers.  The varieties are nearly limitless so you can get a unique, one of a kind paver patio with Brad’s Landscaping!

Paver Patio & Water Feature Minnetonka MN

Paver Patio, Water Feature, Stone Steps & Walkway


Brad’s Landscaping uses only high quality materials in every paver project and their educated and experienced crew ensures proper set up and installation.

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