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Landscape Design

A good

landscape design

is essential for any landscape project if you want it to enhance the value and usefulness of your property. Brad’s landscaping has been providing quality landscape design and installation services in the

Minneapolis metro area

for nearly 30 years.Paver Patio Landscaping Hopkins MN

Many of our clients have great ideas prior to meeting with us, but oftentimes, the experience Brad brings to the table results in an even better finished project than they originally had hoped for.  Creativity combined with literally thousands of completed landscape projects often leads to design elements suggested by

Brad’s Landscaping

that the customer had not even thought of.Rain Garden Minneapolis MN

When planning your landscape project, Brad’s landscape will be sure to touch on the four main elements of any landscape project: Color, Form, Line and Texture.  These elements are important for softscapes like plants, shrubs and flowers and for hardscapes like paver patios, walkways or driveways.  Often

hardscapes and softscapes

are combined and Brad’s Landscaping is experienced in integrating elements to provide you with the landscape of your dreams.

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